Coronavirus Policies

Our Team’s Commitment To You

A Spice of Life is dedicated to keeping clients, guests and employees safe during this pandemic. To do this, we are committed to staying flexible and focused on a continuous improvement process. We are collaborating with our peers in the hospitality industry to develop and share best practices for hosting safe events and actively following CDC and state and local government guidelines.


• Working closely with our venues, vendors and location personnel to ensure that we are in alignment with industry guidelines.

•Keeping up-to-date files reflecting the status of our venue partners regarding capacity regulations, policy updates, and special government-mandated regulations.

• Partnering with clients to help them transition their events and providing resources for keeping guests safe and healthy. {Read up on our 2020 Event Preparedness guide!}


•Incorporating social distancing measures for both staff and guests at events. 

•Adjusting food service to limit shared contact with food, service utensils and equipment. This includes staff-served buffets, chef-attended dessert stations, and updated hors d’oeuvres station presentation.

•Enhancing our sanitizing practices throughout venue spaces, monitoring and frequently re-sanitizing surfaces in high traffic areas.

•Ensuring that all staff is completing daily health screening evaluations upon arriving to work.

•Requiring all staff to wear masks and gloves while servicing the event.

•Providing sanitizing supplies at each food and beverage station and encouraging guests to wash hands frequently.

We recognize that our current Coronavirus preparedness procedures are not static. The nature of safety and health recommendations is constantly evolving, and we are evolving alongside as a result; guidance is always subject to change based on new information reported. Our priority is the health and confidence of our clients and staff alike, and communication is essential to ensure a successful, stress-free and safe event.

If you have any questions or would like more details about our safety playbook, please give us a call at 303-443-4049.

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