Holiday Season: It’s Not Just For December Anymore

Now that the summer season has waned, school has started back up, and the mornings are tinged with the smallest hint of cool breeze, it’s time to think forward to the next source of seasonal excitement: HOLIDAY SEASON! And holiday season means parties. Parties that someone’s got to plan. If that someone is you, we’ve got some great news: you don’t have to have your holiday party during December! In fact, there are quite a few advantages to holding your party in either November or January. Ready to save your sanity? Read on!

Get Flexible

December’s event “season” is short. Everyone will be clambering to have both their corporate and social holiday parties on a few select days, meaning it’s going to be that much harder to book venues, caterers, and any other key vendors you’ll need to make your party a success. This year, there are three weekends prior to Christmas in December. You can expect these will be the quickest blackout dates for both your vendors and guests. And there’s nothing worse as a guest than having to turn down plans because you’ve already booked yourself at another party. You’ve got much more flexibility in timing if you look outside of those few weeks, and your guests will be grateful!


An Ice Time Of Year

Statistically speaking, December is the coldest month of the year in Boulder. The days are shortest and the chill is chilliest. In contrast, November is on average a much nicer month, and even January is milder. Holding an event during one of these months gives you a better chance of decent weather. This means your guests will be more comfortable traveling to the party’s location, and will be happier to dress for the occasion (nothing like heels in the 6inch deep snow). During these months you will also have much more flexibility in terms of theme and decor. January’s perfect for a crystal and white “winter wonderland” theme, a refreshing departure from the primary colors of Christmastime.


Less Stressful, More Special

December is a stressful time for everyone. Between attempts to finish large-scale work projects by the end of the year, pressure to deal with family obligations, coordinating travel plans and school vacation preparations, and the inevitable dozens of holiday parties both social and corporate, December is straight up exhausting. Planning an event in November, before the start of holiday burnout, is a great way to channel the spirit of the season while your guests are still freshly excited about the upcoming holidays. Alternatively, imagine the joy of returning refreshed after New Year’s, relaxed and ready to start the year off right with a celebration. Time to raise a toast to 2020!



Pro Tips From The Pros

January traditionally kicks off the event industry’s “slow season”. This means you’ll often find increased schedule availability, enhanced customer service, and more budget-friendly prices for venue rentals and other vendors. To that end, anyone booking a holiday party for the months of November or January will receive 10% off their food & beverage or a free upgrade of a delightful holiday-themed dessert courtesy of our in-house pastry team! Simply mention that you saw this promotion and we will discuss what will be appropriate for your event.  Let us help you celebrate in style and comfort.


We can’t wait to get started planning your winter soiree. Send us an email or call our office at 303.443.4049 and we’ll plan the perfect seasonal celebration!