Unique Aspects

Open to the Public

Bistro Style

Fresh Salad Bar

Daily Hot Specials

Sandwich of the Week

About the Cafe

Location planning is always essential for a successful café experience.  We collaborated with AAA, and decided the main atrium of the building their offices were in would be the perfect environment for the corporate cafeteria / bistro.  This allows the café to be open to the public, opening more opportunity for revenue for future cafeteria enhancements and more!  It is appropriate we helped AAA market/brand this new bistro as the Atrium Café.

In addition to location planning, we also collaborated with AAA to get a sense of what their employees were looking for, in order to boost morale, and keep them on-site.  We came up with a fresh salad bar and a ‘Daily Hot Specials‘ menu to keep everything new and appetizing.  Even though you may fall in love with your favorite dish, having something new to choose from, on a daily basis, is always a treat.


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Why a Café?

Accommodate any size corporation

Design and develop to your needs

Made from scratch food fare

Individualized menus for each cafe

Increased employee participation and morale

Let’s make your hungry employees happy!