A Spice of Life Now Proudly Serving Ozo Coffee

With our clients’ satisfaction always on the forefront of our minds, A Spice of Life is thrilled about our new partnership with Ozo Coffee Company. We are now proudly serving Ozo Coffee with all of our deliveries and full-serviced events.

Ozo has made waves in Boulder since 2007 roasting the highest quality beans from all around the world. Each batch is roasted for optimal flavor and aroma. Every bag of coffee dons hieroglyphics, Ozo’s language for describing the region, origin, processing and certification, taste, and elevation of the coffee beans. Don’t worry – here is the key to help you decode your coffee package!

Ozo and A Spice of Life make a great team. This locally-minded company has a passion for quality and taste that is unmatched in the specialty coffee industry. Next time you see A Spice of Life at your event, make sure you hit the coffee station, or visit Ozo at one of their many Boulder locations.