Spice up your night with “FLIC”

Flic cropped

A new Boulder series, FLIC (Food, Libation, and Independent Cinema) launches one week from today on April 28th at The Boulder Contemperary Museum of Art. The goal? As stated on the BMOCA website, to “Replace corporate with community” by combining independent films with a live performance.

A Spice of Life catered the opening event in March with an “Alice in Wonderland” theme and live performance at a private residence.  The fare featured appetizers inspired by the movie with queen of hearts pop tarts designed to look like a deck of cards, wild mushroom bread puddings, and a mad hatter cake made by Shamane’s Bake Shoppe.

Now, we’re continuing our support with the start of the series.  With a shared excitment for the community, arts, and of course good food & entertainment, A Spice of Life is excited to contribute.  We will be providing scrumptious gourmet sammies and dessert for sale along with many other participating vendors.  For more information check out the website!