Success at Jeffco Action Center's 500 guest plated breakfast


Yesterday, a crew of 24 Spice staff members (including owner David Rubin and Director of Operations Dan Bruckner) braved the Colorado spring snow storm at 4:00am to make it out for Jeffco Action Center’s 7th annual Where Action Matters Breakfast.

With 4 hours of prep work on Tuesday to set the room for 550 guests, Wednesday’s execution went without a hitch.  The flawless operations were nailed down to a T to ensure a delicious, beautiful plate along with LOTS of coffee and OJ were served to each guest prior to the start of the program.  We were so prepared, in fact, that the process of food plating and expo took a mere 35 minutes–quite impressive team!

From a catering standpoint we are all pleased with our performance, but we also had the pleasure and opportunity to join in on a very moving and important program for the Jeffco Action Center.    Since 1968, this human services nonprofit has provided an immediate response to basic human needs and promoted pathways to self-sufficiency to Jefferson County, Colorado residents and the homeless.

Thanks to Jeffco Action Center for all you do to help the community.  We are grateful to have taken part in such an important cause, and know the breakfast fundraiser helped to continue support.

For more information about the Jeffco Action Center visit their website at: