10 Ways to Make Your Office Party the Best Ever

10 Ways to Make Your Office Holiday Party the Best Ever


1. Treat the event as a “thank you” to employees – They’ve worked hard all year and deserve to be thanked with a fun evening to let loose and enjoy themselves.
2. Host your party out of the office – There’s nothing that kills the buzz like seeing a pile of work and a printer in the background of your party. A new location puts employees in a more relaxed mindset, leading to happy guests.
3. Don’t require attendance, even unofficially – If it’s a gift to employees, understand that some of them may graciously decline attending. A holiday party shouldn’t feel like a work obligation.
4. Rent a photo booth – Even for adults, these are seriously fun. Photo strips from a great night will make their way all around the office spreading joy.
5. Consider inviting employees’ family members – Excluding family members could leave some employees unable to attend.
6. Have a White Elephant gift swap – Have every guest bring a wrapped gag gift under $10 (bowling ball, creepy stuffed animal…you get the idea). When each guests’ name is drawn, they may select to unwrap a gift or “steal” one from someone who has already opened a gift. You may not “steal” back your gift. Gag gifts are sure to break the ice and get people chatting.
7. Make it a themed party – Worried that employees will show up in their business attire? Make sure they know the dress code by making it themed, such as 80s, Caddyshack, or Superhero. The possibilities are endless.
8. Get your staff a group gift – Have your employees been dying for an espresso machine for years? Revealing the gift during the party will make a fun night even better when their gift will last all year long.
9. Serve superb food – The holidays are a time of great food, family, and friends. Pick creative menus for your guests, being mindful of dietary restrictions.
10. Schedule your party for January – Avoid the inevitable stress that comes around holiday time by planning your party for January (A Spice of Life has a 10% catering discount for booking your holiday party in January. Call us to secure your preferred date – 303.443.4049).