Corporate Event Planning Tips

Planning a corporate event? Not sure where to start or how to keep on track? Our planning experts have compiled their top corporate event planning tips and suggestions to help guide you toward event success!

Start With Your Mission In Mind

The most important thing to consider is what the purpose of the event is. Knowing this will guide the decisions you make (and help everyone stay on the same page, if you’re planning with a team of people). The way you plan an employee appreciation event will be different from how you’d handle a product launch, and different still from a retirement party. Ensure that in every meeting you have with teammates and vendors, your mission stays clear & at the forefront so everyone knows what to prioritize. 

To get started finding your mission, ask yourself:

  • Who is the targeted audience of this event?
  • How many people will be invited?
  • What is the main goal of the event?
  • How will I know after the event is over that it was successful?


Where There’s A ‘Where’, There’s A Way

Once you’ve determined the purpose, size, and format of the event, you can start scouting your perfect venue.

  • Looking for a space that can hold a large audience? How about an actual airplane hangar? Wings Over the Rockies may be right up your alley if you need to serve over 3,000 guests in one fun, unique location.
  • In the market for a modern, urban space to switch up the vibe and steer away from the stuffy & corporate? Upper Larimer or The Studio (Boulder) might be just the ticket.
  • If your event requires sophisticated audiovisual equipment, check out the Lincoln Center or the Parker Arts Center for versatile spaces to host speakers, awards ceremonies, movie showings and more.

{photo: Wings Over The Rockies}

Find Your Marketing Sweet Spot

Determining the purpose and audience of the event will also help you market it. Depending on the size and type of the event, appropriate marketing tactics could include email campaigns, social media hype-building, or personalized mailers. If the event is large and externally-focused, consider creating a separate website dedicated to information about the event, a ticketing platform, a community page and a newsletter signup to keep guests connected. Here’s a good jumping-off article to get the inspiration flowing.

For internal events, don’t forget to incorporate any remote staff you employ. Remote work can be convenient and rewarding, but can make people feel like they’re missing out on the social aspects of the job. If you’re celebrating your employees, make sure to include those who can’t participate in person – send them a food/drink gift certificate to use during the event (if they’re local, contact one of our event specialists to organize pre-packaged event boxes!). Brainstorm with your team, or check out resources like this article, to learn how to make remote socialization feasible.

Timing Is Everything

Be realistic about your timelines. To avoid the adversity of unnecessary stress, it’s best to start planning corporate events with plenty of lead time. Our general rule-of-thumb timeline guide (keeping in mind that if you need to secure an offsite venue, you may need to add in extra time especially during peak seasons like summertime and December):

Of course, we’re well aware sometimes events crop up more quickly than is ideal. Our skilled event specialists are always ready to jump into action and help make your event planning seamless & stressless no matter the timing you’re working with!

Account For Everything

Think about your budget holistically. It never feels good to have to sacrifice in important places because too much of the budget has been spent already. Assume that your biggest expenses are likely going to be your venue (if applicable) and your food and beverages. If your budget is limited, there are ways to DIY things like a photobooth, games, and musical entertainment. However, if you have to cut significant corners on food & beverages, that’s going to significantly impact your guests’ experience! Oh, and it’s always a smart idea to build a cushion into your budget – assume to go over about 10% of your expected budget for unexpected last minute costs.

Bonus tip: using a drink calculator can help you estimate what budget to put aside for your bar expenses. Our beverage partner, Hazel’s Beverage World, can also help guide you with personalized consultations!


No matter where you are in your planning process, we can help! Drop us a line or give us a ring and we’ll get you event-ready in no time!