2021 Wedding Trend- Photo by Folly Photography

2021 Wedding Trends

2021 is off to a promising start! We’re looking forward to a beautiful events season right around the corner. Which of course has us gossiping about what trends we’re most looking forward to.

If there’s one good thing we gained from the last year, it’s that couples have had so much more time to dream of their eventual perfect wedding day! And along with that has come a new level of intentionality that we’re sure is going to make for a pretty spectacular season.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we anticipate being the big trends for The Big Day, 2021.

Guest-Centric Details

– Couples have had to make so many changes to their plans over the last year. Which means the focus on weddings over the next couple summers is going to be on making every moment memorable. Couples have had to communicate with their guests about downsizing and date-changing so when the long-anticipated day finally arrives, the hype will be real!

Yes, the day is ultimately centered on the newlyweds, but we’re seeing couples desiring more ways to thank their guests for being so special to them.


– What does this look like? More attention to guest-oriented details. Think welcome boxes, immersive wedding weekend activities (like going on a bridal party bike tour), and meaningful favors.  Our Event Specialists are always excited to help couples brainstorm ideas for favors, and even help source them.

Custom curated rental items will be on the docket as well. No two weddings this year will have that cookie-cutter feel, because every celebration will be as unique and special as its participants!

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Outdoor/Garden Party Vibes

-Fortunately in Colorado we’ve got a wide variety of outdoor and space-adaptable venues. (Have you seen the view from SkyView up in Estes Park? HELLO.) This is going to be crucial in our current era of transition. Outdoor weddings with flexible seating and a more casual schedule flow are the new normal, and we are so here for it!lounge-seating

Guests will probably feel most at-ease in scenarios where they can keep appropriate distance as needed (and as suits their personal comfort level around potentially-unfamiliar groups). We’re looking forward to seeing spaced-out seating, lounge vignettes, lawn games and plenty of open air.

– Hair & makeup styling seems like it’s following along with this trend: beautifully dreamy styles from the likes of WedLocks Bridal Salon (check out their Instagram to see some super swoonworthy looks) are elegant yet anything-but-fussy. Bridal parties looking radiantly real this summer? Yes please.

{photo credit: Tara Bielecki Photography}

Weekday, Brunch, and Other “Nontraditional” Weddings

outdoor-wedding-harper-point-photography– For better or worse, couples have had to become much more flexible in the timing of their weddings, as cancellations and rescheduling have made venue-booking quite the challenge.

– However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Many venues will offer discounts for events booked on nontraditional days. Also, guests are less likely to have to choose between multiple weddings occurring on the same summer Saturday.

– Lean into it and let the nontraditional timing work FOR you! A daytime wedding is more accessible for families with children, and a brunch menu is bound to be a memorable hit. A weekday wedding is perfect for couples who don’t want to worry about planning an entire day’s worth of activities for their guests. Let the dinner party vibes flow and enjoy a breezy, joyous evening.

– 2020 saw big changes in the realm of accessibility. Don’t be surprised if you still see couples providing Zoom links to let out-of-town or otherwise physically-unavailable guests participate in their special day. Similarly, expect cinematography to play a larger role in couples’ vendor choices.

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We know there’s no such thing as “going back to normal”. But here at Spice, we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s coming next. Ready to start planning your perfectly unique day? Drop us a line!

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