A Spice of Life Launches its Farm to Table Menu Program

A Spice of Life proudly announces our Farm to Table menu program. In addition to our regular menus, we now offer a monthly menu comprised of ingredients that are all sourced locally.

Farm to Table philosophy is a growing movement that supports a sustainable approach to community, agriculture and dining. By supporting local farmers, money is infused back into the local economy, and the ingredients used are at the peak of ripeness and freshness.

For years, many of us here at Spice have shopped for our families and for ourselves at farmers markets and have belonged to Community Supported Agriculture programs during the summer. With the growing popularity of the Farm to Table movement, more products are becoming available in larger quantities. This has allowed us to offer these menus for events of any size, not just small gatherings.

If Farm to Table makes as much sense to you as it does to us but the menu doesn’t quite suit your tastes, we’d be happy to create a custom menu with you. All of us here at Spice are extremely excited about this and hope that you all will join the movement and support your local farms at your next event.

Click Here to see July’s Farm To Table menu