Butterfly Pavilion Wedding Showcase

Sunday, March 25th marks the Butterfly Pavilion Wedding Showcase from 4pm-7pm. Few things are quite as romantic as being wed to the love of your life surrounded by your friends, family, and a kaleidoscope of colorful butterflies. There is no shortage of whimsy and magical moments at a Butterfly Pavilion wedding. This wedding showcase will provide you with an array of wedding vendors to meet and get a feel for. Our event specialist, Jake Safran is no stranger to the venue and can answer all of your wedding related questions as well as give tasty samples of our cuisine. From make-up artists and florists to beverage service representatives, Butterfly Pavilion has got your wedding vendor needs covered. Admission is free so there is no excuse not to swing by to check out the venue and try our food. Did I mention there are exclusive deals and raffles to be won? See you next Sunday! Register here.