Customized Wedding Favors From Your Menu

Amanda Kopp Images

Wedding season is almost upon us!

We are in the full-on planning mode with our 2017 brides and grooms, finalizing details at walk-throughs, helping decide between different menu options at our tastings, collaborating on late night snack menus and more.

At A Spice of Life, we always ask about all the details of an event to make sure nothing is missed. Often when the topic of wedding favors comes up, we see brides look stressed at one more detail to execute. Favors are such a special way to personalize a wedding, but can be a pain to plan out and often become a last minute project where the focus is just on getting it done instead of finding a creative, unique and memorable option.

So we’re stepping in to help by offering highly personal and actually practical favors.

Imagine sending your guests home with the same coffee spice rub you served on your brisket for dinner, or pickled vegetables that topped the duck tacos during cocktail hour. Our goal is to take elements of each specific couple’s menu and turn it into a takeaway gift for guests.

All of our favors are housemade and are as locally produced as possible. We use Boulder-based Ozo coffee for the spice rub, and our vanilla extract is made with vodka from Spirit Hound Distillery in Lyons.

And because we want to take as much off of our brides’ plates as possible, we will even customize the jars for your specific day. We can supply fabric of your color choice or tags similar to your invitation suite.

Below is a photo of what we are brewing up. We hope this brings more joy to your planning and adds another special detail to this important day. Make sure to talk to your event specialist today about incorporating your custom wedding favors!