Plan For It: Rain On Your Wedding Day

{Welcome to our newest blog series: Plan For It! Handy guides encompassing what to do when you encounter the unexpected, from the pros who’ve been there, handled that.}

You’ve spent years dreaming of your wedding and months planning it. The invitations were well-curated, the bridal party’s outfits painstakingly chosen, cake tasted and florals swooned-over. And it’s finally here: your wedding day! …And then you hear it: the crack of thunder, followed by the light spattering of raindrops coming down around you.

No matter how hard you worked to craft the perfect experience for your wedding day, there is one factor that you can’t control: THE WEATHER. Coloradans are no stranger to temperamental weather (what’s that phrase? “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait ten minutes”? Sounds about right), but it can be nerve-wracking to watch the clouds roll in while your bridesmaids consult their weather apps. While we can’t special-order guaranteed sunshine on your wedding day, all is not lost! There are many ways to prepare for poor weather, and we’ve rounded up a few tips to help you feel secure when those showers hit!

    1. Set Your Expectations Early

      If your wedding is taking place anywhere along the Front Range during the summer, one of the few reliable things you can count on is that it will probably storm at some point during the day. Have no fear, these downpours are usually brief, but they do tend to happen in the late afternoon…. riiight about at the time people generally like to hold their ceremonies. Season after season we see brides and grooms experiencing moments of abject panic when ceremony time is approaching and those first droplets begin to fall. In almost every case, the storm passes as quickly as it came and the rest of the night is absolute magic. Our advice is simple: if you’re mentally prepared for a little rain, it’ll give you the dual advantage of being ready for it when it happens, or being pleasantly surprised if it never comes!

    2. Work With Your Venue

      Of course one of the big draws to getting married in Colorado is experiencing the beauty surrounding us, whether your nuptials are taking place at a gorgeous local farm, an airy mountainside pavilion, a mansion overlooking Lake Estes, or a chic Denver rooftop. That said, the risk of getting married outside is that you may experience some less beautiful things, like rain, hail, snow, wind, and otherwise non-ideal weather conditions. If you’re working with one of our amazing venue partners, they will be able to guide you through any “Plan B” contingency measures they will take should things outside get a little dicey. If you are getting married at a more nontraditional venue, like a rented cabin in the mountains or a field on your property, we can help you come up with a rain plan that’ll ensure you still have a flawless wedding, even on a less than perfect day. And you can trust in our staff’s lightning-fast (no pun intended) ceremony chair drying capabilities, so everyone can sit safely post-downpour.

    3. Bring The Indoors… Outdoors

      One of the biggest concerns we hear from brides & grooms revolves around planning for rough weather, but not wanting to have a “tacky, ugly tent” obscuring the view and distracting from their well-curated décor. Fortunately, these days there are plenty of absolutely lovely options for tents we can source through our fabulous vendor partners. Take this sailcloth beauty, for example: hellooooo, gorgeous! Don’t be  disappointed if your event specialist recommends you think about getting a tent for your wedding; we promise, “tacky” is not a word in our vocabulary.

    4. Roll With It

Unfortunately, bad weather does happen. And when it does, all the preparation in the world isn’t going to make those clouds disappear. Luckily for us Coloradans, afternoon rain is usually a precursor to an absolutely magical evening ahead. Consider embracing the experience and making the most of it like this couple– invest in some aesthetic-fitting umbrellas, get out there and get married! Besides, isn’t kissing in the rain so much more romantic anyway? And the photos will be absolutely epic.


Ultimately, your wedding day is about one important thing: celebrating the love between you and your partner, and being surrounded by the people who matter most to you. If you’re able to keep that in mind, you’re sure to have a wonderful day, even if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.


{Photo credits, top down: Nine Photography (first and last photo); Jessica Alventosa Photography; Tara Bielecki Photography}