What Do You Want To Eat In July?

Welcome to July, the hottest month of the year here in Colorado! Whether you’re the type who luxuriates in the sultry heat of summer, or the type who tactically chooses their daily activities based on where the best air conditioning can be found, the summer is undeniably in full swing right now. Now’s the time to bring all the best goodies straight from the farmer’s market to your socially-distanced picnic.


Get It While It’s (Really) Good: Cherries

Is there anything that feels quite as nostalgically summery as the tart taste of fresh, juicy, finger-staining cherries? We didn’t think so. Cherries are the perfect signifier of summertime, excellent eaten by the handful as a snack or baked into an elegantly-rustic pie or galette. They’re a great source of antioxidants, potassium and Vitamin C, too!

Cherries grow well in most temperate regions across the globe (in fact, there are upwards of 1,000 different varieties worldwide!) and are one of the first fruit crops to ripen in Colorado. Their season here is relatively short, so make sure to pick up a bag at the farmer’s market while you can!

(Extra Credit: ever wondered how cherries are harvested? Turns out, your Animal Crossing character is doing it right– real-life farmers use mechanical shakers that can rattle an entire tree’s worth of fruit off its branches in mere seconds! Take a look, it’s very satisfying.)


In Bloom: Hydrangea

We’re firm believers that the only drama on your wedding day should be this dramatically bold stunner. All copious butterfly-wing petals and wide graceful leaves, hydrangea makes a wonderful statement flower for any bouquet or centerpiece. Lend elegance and a touch of traditional garden-party nostalgia to your event by incorporating these crisp blooms throughout the summer.

Hydrangeas are a color-versatile option to fit whatever palette you desire; among the 75 different species of hydrangea, you can find an impressive array of hues spanning the rainbow.


Get Hands On: Recipe Of The Month

We’ll see you next month, and as always, happy eating!