What Do You Want To Eat In June?

Happy June! This is a beautiful month for food nerds like us. The weather is finally consistently nice, the days are the longest they’ve been all year, and most importantly… it’s about time for FRESH FRUITS & VEGGIES EVERYWHERE!

Farmer’s Market Update: The Boulder, Longmont, and Denver farmer’s markets are now OPEN and we couldn’t be more excited! Prospective customers now must reserve ‘tickets’ for the time slot they’d like to shop, and it looks like reservations are going quickly! So head over to https://bcfm.org/ to check out the new regulations and pick your shopping window. Don’t forget your face mask!

Get It While It’s (Really) Good: Strawberries

Ah, strawberries. While you can find them in the grocery store year-round (usually sourced from California or Mexico), their harvesting season in Colorado is upon us and most active in June, meaning you can find the freshest, sweetest varietals. Make sure to stock up on everything from jams and chutneys to pies and pastries featuring these jewel-toned lovelies (or just buy a pound and snack on them whole!).

Fun fact: the strawberry plant is a member of the rose family. Botanically speaking, they’re much more closely related to apples than to true berries.


In Bloom: Craspedia

Also known as billy buttons and woolyheads, craspedia flowers are the perfect addition to your garden, summer bouquet, or cut flower arrangement. Though they don’t have the characteristic wide petals, they are a close relative to the common daisy. They’ve been cultivated successfully in a multitude of environments, from sea level to the Alps. Craspedia is native to Australia & New Zealand but because of its ease of growing and its unique profile it has become the darlings of florists everywhere. And what a cheerful pop of bright color and texture it can bring to an elegant bouquet! Craspedia flowers are relatively hardy, making them popular elements in upscale cut flower arrangements and particularly suitable for drying.

Get Hands On: Recipe Of The Month

We’ll see you next month, and as always, happy eating!