What Do You Want To Eat In May?

May is a tricky month here in the Mile High. The weather can shift from 72 degree patio-worthy days to snowshowers that wilt our excitement and our tulips alike. While we may have no idea how to dress for any given day, we’ve got your guide for the good eats you can find this month.

Normally, the Farmer’s Markets would already be open for business (and they might be, soon!); in an inspired 2020 solution, Boulder County Farmer’s Markets have created an online ordering platform for “Virtual Farmer’s Markets”. Visit https://bcfm.org/ to learn more about this program and get involved. And be sure to check out your favorite local farms and see what they’re up to; several of them have come up with creative solutions to get fresh produce and plants to you!

Get It While It’s (Really) Good: Asparagus

These days, most people recognize asparagus as being a grocery store staple available throughout the majority of the year. But the actual harvesting season for this nutrient-rich vegetable in the US lasts for only a few months, and we’re in the middle of it! Forget the woody, stringy steamed side dish you think you know, and take this opportunity to snap up all the fresh local asparagus you can find. Since it’s at its best during this time of year, it needs very little preparation to shine through deliciously.

For some extra credit reading, check out this fascinating article on the unique challenge of asparagus farming in the US!


In Bloom: Peonies

Fluffy, frilly, ruffled petals, oversized blooms, and a wide array of color options make peonies a perfect focal flower for impressive bouquets. It’s no wonder they have become a massively popular choice for bridal bouquets and breathtaking centerpieces.

Peonies are one of the oldest flowers cultivated around the globe. They’ve come to symbolize peace, stability, luck and wealth in cultures worldwide.

The one downside of these gorgeous flowers is their relatively short growing season, making them an expensive choice for the majority of the year. However, May is peak season for the species of peonies that grow naturally here in the States!

Get Hands On: Recipe Of The Month

Stay tuned for more seasonality-celebrating as the summer continues. As always, happy eating!